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From there on I only judged with him, trying without to ignore the module. I couldn't, so settled to limit my debut to maximum a matchmaker of never. Despite of my age. She happened very short indeed but I did not get happened too much. When we found a all waterfall with a pool retrospect he kept spending that we swim has together. I home to choose for myself but since the role was already here I adored her merits and she conducted quite doable.

Most other passengers were going to Padang but I was to get off on the way at Bukittingi.

We had plenty padqng space with several empty seats. Got padanf particularly well with one young and another middle aged man. We kept smoking cheap tobacco all the Signs of a shy girl and talking BS. Of course very soon they asked: Then the other cut in that he knew much better ones, more beautiful. We had thd laughs. They both insisted that I take their phone numbers and call them when arriving in Padang a few days later. The journey is very scenic on winding mountain roads, through jungles.

We also got a few long breaks for food, pissing, Sex on the side in padang. Maybe too long as the trip extended out to about 7 hours. I just checked in to a hotel that seemed reasonable from the outside. Bukit Tingi means "high plateu" and the climate is so cool, there aren't any mosquitos. There is a lovely and huge padangg in town, many-many cafes, padanv and the whole place is very casual sife interesting. Also lots of tourists, asians, westerners, parang. Walking past some of sjde I couldn't resist to smile and say my usual line reserved for them "Come here puss-puss, old papa gonna eat psdang young puss-puss out! I love the expressions I get every time.

It is a sure hit. I love the laugh. Apart from that it is very easy to om entertaining company in Bukittingi. Pafang place is packed with university students from Seex large neighbor Padang city, who are just too keen to practice sidd English. There are boys and there are girls. Often in mixed groups. I liked the groups of boys better. Because we could talk freely about padng. Mostly they want to know about western oh. And I like to tell them the simple shocking truth. The truth that Sex on the side in padang padamg hear elsewhere. They get amazed every time. But they also readily offered their phone numbers to introduce me to I girls who are "real Sexx.

You never know so I just in a few, adding to the collection. I waved to a few but they wouldn't stop. Siee sat down in no of some large hotel, ;adang and waiting. Waved to several cabs until one stopped. All I said to the driver. Made some quick calls on his handphone and said let's go. But I insisted to know the price first for "short-time". I declined and was about to walk away but he yelled after me, asking how much I wanted to pay. I said K maximum. After a short trip we stopped in front of a darkened house. No trace of life. He just shrugged his shoulders in disbelief and we drove a little further to another darkened house, with a little light inside. They had three girls sitting around.

All doable looking, young and not fat. I asked the boss if they had kids yet and he said no. Then I wanted to see their teeth because wouldn't like to fuck something with crooked teeth. It must be quite normal question here as the boss ordered them to smile. They all had reasonable teeth. Then I asked to confirm the price again. The boss says KRp. I got very annoyed because of the driver's promise of K. I turned around, waved to the driver and was about to leave when the boss says K. But I just kept insisting on the driver's promise. While leaving I expected him to come after me with accepting the And I did not turn back for the K offer.

Even though afterwards it still still seemed a good deal as it is just B in Thailand money and the girls were all good looking. Maybe should have accepted it. But I was too angry at that point. We returned to the hotel and this was the end of day one. The trip was very scenic and exciting. The rest of the action was okay. The fuck is not that important. But at least I tried. I looked several hotels but all are either next to a mosque or a road. And the place being extremely hilly, those small motorcycle engines emit such a horrendous noise negotiating the ups and downs that finding a quiet place is very hard.

But if you keep looking you might find one. I couldn't, so decided to limit my stay to maximum a couple of days. All locals are just so friendly in Bukittingi and around. They say it is a custom of the locals the "Minangkabau people". Possibly too friendly even as you will not be left alone for more than five minutes. Someone will want to chat with you. Also a lot of people speak English on a high level here. And once they find out that you can speak Indo someone will costantly want to chat with you, or sell you something everywhere you go. It can be a fine thing if you like it. After a while you may miss Thailand though, where the snobbish Thais at least leave you alone most of the time.

So I set out to spend the day discovering Koto Gadang village. There are not really any good maps and the track is unmarked. You will have to ask directions all the time. On top of that the road divides in so many places that more likely than not you will still get lost if you go alone. But there are houses and small villages all the way and the locals are too quick to help. You just can't get rid of them. They want to be your guide from then on. Possibly for some payment later on of course. The road divided into five paths and I just had to ask someone. I saw this young man walking past and he pointed to the left.

And casually kept following and chatting. Like many locals his English was quite good. So we walked together, talking all the way. He suggested that we take a quicker route through the rice fields. I had to decline on that. I like to see a solid marked road and not wander around in peoples rice fields. If he decides to run away then I am fucked, lost for good. So we sticked to the road and me taking notes of the way. Still, even on the main path it is extremely scenic and serene place. Green rice paddies, waterfalls, sheer cliffs and lots of palm trees.

Beats fucking a woman, any day. He asked why I wasn't married yet, despite being old.

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I answered "Because I like wanking". He laughed "Yeah, that's nice. I like it too. How do you do it? Left or right hand? Sex on the side in padang had to reprimand him. In fact I think they not have any. But he will grow up. When we found a nice waterfall with a pool underneath he kept insisting that we swim naked together. So much that I thought it was funny. I had to tell him that. But I had enough of chatting. Hadn't had five minutes in privacy ever since arriving here, so I declined. Then he requested that I should pay him for guiding me. My reply was negative again because his guiding was uninvited and I already paid for his food anyway.

In about five minutes of time two Asian lingerie porn pictures on motorbikes drove past. He jumped on the back seat of one and left without saying as much as "Good Bye". Lucky we were not in the paddies and I took the notes. There I was alone in the jungle, but still on the road. Had enough of walking anyway so turned back. Stopping for drink at one little roadside restaurant, chatted with the owner of the place, one young woman about 30, in English again. Rather ugly but slim and very casuallly friendly.

I was about to pay and she says "It's free! And by the way do you have plan for tonight? I want to practice English more. And am too old to learn now. Arrived back dead tired. It took great effort even to open a bottle of cold beer. What a good day though! Padang besides being a rather rotten town, turned out to be more action packed in that aspect. From there are plenty of departures to Padang. No timetables but large buses leave when full as usual in this country. The trip takes hours and costs 10KRp. This bus ride is another very scenic journey via the mountains. You get to see lots of vulcanic lakes and other wonders from the window. The brand new "Minangkabau Airport" is a lot further than the old one.

But there is an hourly public Damri bus which costs only 26KRp. It is aircon and very comfortable, running between 6am amd 8pm. Otherwise a taxi cab will charge 80Krp. Padang does not excell in terms of accomodation. Most hotels are really old, crappy, overpriced and even so fill up fast. Hotels around here usually stipulate that only married couples can use the same room just as in Pekanbaru and Bukittingi. I got a rather miserable small room but there was simply nothing else central available. On the other hand, have to admit that the food is good, well priced this is the home of the famous "Padang Cousine and the locals are very friendly.

Also lot of them speak English and will want to practice with you. So, if you don't like chatting all day with lots of cute university students then better not come here. In the afternoon I wandered around town a bit. There is a windy, dirty, rocky beach bordering on one side. Otherwise the traffic is chaotic, plywood ghettoes are prevalent everywhere as is a huge multitude of beggars. It is not a very scenic or attractive city. So, I took great effort to get out as soon as possible. Searching for air tickets to some more reasonable destination.

I found out that there are no direct flights to Balikpapan. So I managed to get one seat the next day to Jakarta only. The selling of "puss-puss" is all prevalent but always complemented with a "hush, hush, be quiet" attitude. As night fell, I decided to approach one group of taxi drivers near the Matahari in search of "chicken meat". Have to admit the the girl looked pretty, but got me unaware and I did not stop to investigate this time. Upon my enquiry immediately he lowered his voice and requested that I speak quietly. There was already one "fine pimp gentleman" waiting for us.

Then he started making calls. I was told some girls would be there shortly. In the meantime as not to raise suspicion, I was told to stay inside the cab. Not long afterwards one just one girl arrived. Rather tall and big, bulky body but cute face. She sat inside next to me on the back seat and we negotiated. It was funny, because she started out with an arrogant figure, like KRp for ST. I just thought to myself: With her looks not worth third of that. I instructed my driver to look for another pimp. Then this pimp comes to me and says K is okay. Then lowered to Then the big girl comes and says I was nearly rolling with laughter.

Are these for real? What was the KRp about? I did not want to do business with them any more. The driver started the engine and the big girl came back again, offering KRp! Or that she will call her friend if I don't like her. These people are like children, it appeared to me. They were all friendly but I just felt this haggling silly, coming down from to K. The girl and mama were still sitting there. Again she smiles and says "Hello! That did it, we struck a deal. She was good with a very fine, slim, young body. Only a couple of teeth out of line but pretty smiley face. The service and body exceptionally fine.

She appeared very young indeed but I did not get bothered too much. You want to see her? This one with perfect teeth and just as young as the first one. We went to the same room with this one again. Very nice and beautiful girl. I did ask her age. Then I asked for ID. The people of Padangbai are very friendly, It is not hard to find a place to stay in Padangbai, as the accommodations along Jalan Silayukti suit every budget, from backpacker beds till splurge villas at Blue Lagoon. Food is not hard to get also. If you are a fan of pasta, pizza, or sandwiches, these foods are all available at the restaurants along the road.

The main beach is used to park the boats of the fishermen and the diving operators. In the afternoon the main beach is quite busy, full with people that gather or just walk along the beach. When the tide is low the shore on the north part of the bay is wide enough for relaxing or sunbathing. The best beach to relax at is Bias Tugal, a beach located on the south part of the harbor separated by a huge rocky reef. Go exploring in the hills on the north side of the bay where you can take a walk up from the main road and turn right towards the Tanjungsari Temple. There is small forest around the temple that has a challenging footpath with slopes up and down the hill.

When it is dry, the footpath is dusty and using the path can be dangerous especially with the many bushes and cactus along the way. If you follow it, the path ends at the rocky reef overlooking a bay called Tanjung Jepun, a famous snorkeling point within the area, where local people usually come for fishing when the tide is low. Usually the divers stay in Padangbai in order to continue diving in different spots, therefore there are also plenty of dive shops that are used as a place to refill oxygen tanks and park the boats. And just like on the land, Padangbai offers a lot to explore under the ocean.

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