Scholarships, GPA And Social Blindness

By: MutheeScholarships, GPA And Social Blindness

"scholarship/be sis a · · · wa//béasiswa/n allowance given to a student or students to help with the costs of learning"

-The definition of scholarship according to KBBI

I capture that essence of scholarship is a great help for the cost of study. In this sense, scholarship aid was given by the owners of capital or Government for students who are not college tuition burden undertakes. In this case are certainly not for those who are willing to finance his studies.

As I know that scholarship can be derived from the PPA-BBM, Foundation, or companies, both STATE-OWNED and non-STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES.  But to get a scholarship is not easy. There are requirements that must be met. To my knowledge this is the scholarship terms with standard GPA, minimum GPA of 2.75-3.00. When students can reach the standard appropriate GPA so students can get a scholarship. However, the scholarship is not absolute and cannot be disturbed-plaintiff. That is, Scholarships can be forfeited if the GPA beswan no longer meets the standards.

This is the point of departure for all the criticisms I provision of scholarships. It seems that indeed there is nothing free of charge under the control of capitalism today. With a GPA of standarisai such that, I judge that the essence of education no longer learn to build vehicle of knowledge that is free and independent. But Chase figures, follow all provisions of the linear perkualiahan all eyes, submissive and obedient in a dictation dictation-all tetek bengek lectures which led to a passion for questioning everything being lost altogether.

Recognized or not, high GPA is a pride for the students in recent years, a special product in order to reach the beautiful dreams to grab a good job, a comfortable life and settled in the future. Everyone certainly dream a similar things, but under capitalism are all different. World of work does not serve all these wonderful dreams. Freed from the pressure of productivity high GPA, students must still compete, and realize that the scholars with a high GPA was apparently not the least, the pride we feel when graduation apparently, also felt by thousands of other students with the same dreams, namely life established.

The shadow will be a beautiful future is certainly making the most of students will be pragmatic and apathetic in all likelihood to engage in the activity of the progressif-revolutionary to serve and build a better life for the people that has been legitimized in tridharma College. They will select all the way for a quick finish college and get a High GPA. For being critical and literate social issues it means damaging the future.

Students forced into robot-a robot who is programmed to disciplined science and producing his setinggi-tinggi GPA. Students like to be workers who have no GPA hours and no paid staff.  They have mutated into mutant-mutant who lost charity and social sensibilities as human beings-human with naturalitasnya degala. They have been transformed into individuals who are estranged from his humanity. The education system is such that I think has reneged on the promises of the sacred Tri Dharma Universities, namely education, research, and public service.

Students are prepared to become a bolt bolt-on modifications to strengthen the joints of every menompang the domination of capitalism. Students are taught to compete in reaching a high GPA to meet the need for Standardization of prospective workers who samasekali does not guarantee the welfare of any kind.

Those who have been freed from prison education, will enter the next prison, namely the prison world of work, however, this stage does not voluntarily can be bypassed, but in a new competition. First, the next GPA is a job.

From prison to prison

"Prison is where people are confined and restricted range of freedom. The prison is generally administered institution and is a part of a country's criminal court system, or as a facility to hold prisoners of war "

– Imprisonment, source wikipedia

Sorry, but the student was not a criminal. However, let me assume him as such. We're not a prison institution created by the Government to the criminals and prisoners of war, but through the educational system and all the prerequisites of scholarships and graduation. We are a bunch of detainees that he thinks freedom souls imprisoned, the imprisoned Princess jiwa-raganya of society. And this prison is not completed when the DrawString Hat toga shifted.  The prison world of work in front of the eyes, the ex-prisoners have to compete for College can enter the next iron bars, and of course the more painful. A high GPA doesn't promise us to occupy a comfortable position in the prison workforce. High GPA that was once in perperjuangkan through setumbukan books, a long time and tired of infinite, could only end up in the trash, or if the Personnel are still worth, only in accordance with the UMR or even under him.

Most of the ex-students may understand that all this is capitalism causes him. That capitalism has lunges us and forced us to submit all college through the repressive educational system of the economic and social side. Capitalism understands very well that only independence of thinking and learning is the only problem that is harmful to the sustainability of its dominance, because his needed a system that was capable of, to unwittingly, make the students requirements, critical, be lost.

Ketersesatan does not stop there, when most of the fighters who have been fighting tooth and nail to get a high GPA this work, where they have seen rumbling laborers that strive for their welfare, with the magic of being critical, they start critiquing what educational backgrounds of these laborers, how his salary, what they drive, what they wear, what they eat, to how they defecate. At the same time they will return to the past and start mengukur-ukur and proclaimed that his exertion in the pursuit of a high GPA, the cost, time and effort is wasted. The result they will feel most sad, so pitiful, and did not receive a majority of the laborers, if educated lower than the prosperous life they want. They will remain standoffish with not recognizing that capitalism is the cause of all poverty, capitalism was the one who sought in order for the salary of graduates remain cheap. They remain unwilling to honestly accept and continue to accuse the laborers who do not know themselves.

So what is wrong if I pin the perverse words behind his title, if the pattern of these scholars think so? Ah no, I remain conscious that the educational system of capitalism stringing their thinking patterns. Capitalism the working world that make them such a hateful words and acts of the Horn.  Productivity dibangku College GPA was the one who made them indifferent over everything and form them into a most loyal patriot capitalism and militant!

Finally, I would like to quote the ravings of a brightly lit with Proudhon outlining what sort of Government it. And in this case I think it is very relevant to explain as to what that capitalism education. Open your eyes and your heart, o friend, is there anything that said this was Proudhon lie?

"To be governed is monitored, inspected, spied upon, directed, orchestrated, arranged, restrained, indoctrinated, diceramahi, controlled, assessed, tested, censored, is told; everything is done by creatures who have no rights, which do not have any wisdom virtues … Governed means that in every movement, operation or transaction, someone noted, are listed, be included in the census, taxed, stamped, were priced, dipaten, assessed, licensed, authorized, advised, be warned, be hindered, reformed, regulated, corrected. The Government held with the purpose of the tax levy, trained, ransomed, exploited, monopolized, extorted, oppressive, ruffle, Rob; all public purposes and on behalf of the common good. So when the first time there are signs of resistance or the complaint said, someone will be pressed, fined, seen low, being hurt, being pursued, forced, tortured, strangled, shot, imprisoned, was made a target of machine guns, tried, sentenced, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed, and as a cover, that person will be ridiculed, insulted, tortured and humiliated. That's the rule that justice and the moralitasnya! "

-Proudhon, General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century (1851)

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