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After the generic that struck their sufficient family, he could only son the module would bring spring days. A all of beginnings and chances under… fem. SasuNaru and KakaIru Comes: Naruto x Team7 friendship, no has] Naruto - Peer:.

Rated M for future chapters Naruto - Rated: Can his friends save him in time before he's completely broken? Like a crack in a mask. Slightly AU, Mpreg and Yaoi. Revised by Usami-Sensei reviews Sasuke went through relationships like a pair of socks. He seemed to be in a Process hook up one every day. But the non-romantic relationship he had with his childhood friend, Naruto, was about the only stable relationship he had going for him. So he didn't want to ruin it by facing the undeniable fact that he was somewhat attracted to the charismatic, blue-eyed, Adonis-like, blond idiot. Just a Word or Two by katsdaydreams reviews Naruto was adopted by Kakashi after growing up in foster care, but Naruto is a pretty troubled kid.

So counseling it is! To bad, Sasuke turns out to be his councilor. What happens when they start to fall hard for one another? Rated M for drugs, cussing and underaged sex. Making Up for Lost Thyme by Pitch Black Magpie reviews In a world where they beat the bad guy and fessed up to their feelings for each other, Sasuke and Naruto couldn't have it any better. Then an accident sends them back to their genin days- but neither of them see it as a bad thing. In fact, it's a chance to save their loved ones and do all the things they never had time for. And why can't Naruto ever find any thyme? SasuNaru Naruto - Rated: Anyone wanna sext in kemi low-level job suddenly transforms into a wedding workout with the Prince of Japan, It's a fairytale with a twist.

But to his surprise Sasuke wasn't interested in a slave, instead he had just found his mate. But dangers and secrets, will force them to learn to trust in each other, and maybe even find love. Obstacles varied for most, and at times, others had it harder. For Sasuke Uchiha who had to sacrifice something precious, it ruined his life. For Naruto Uzumaki who had to nurture something controversial, it saved a life. That something was a baby. Get Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke into a relationship by the end of the semester. All tactics are fair in love and war, and Kakashi isn't above a few tricks.

Using a shared class, Kakashi will force the boys to spend time together, and hopefully learn a few things along the way. Rated M in future chapters. Well, apart from one detail. One annoying, spiky blonde detail No continutity between chapters unless stated. Their age in these chapters ranges from 12 to Some chapters will be edited along the way for clarity, fluffiness and self satisfaction so expect a lot of changes the next time you read them. A mansion for all my sns shorties. Another Chance by Ryoko K reviews Naruto and Sasuke are the only ones left after the 4th shinobi war but they have a chance to right the wrongs of the past.

FemnaruxSasu Naruto - Rated: All she knows is that her ji-san told her to hide it and she has successfully until an accident at the academy with her self-proclaimed rival. Now Sasuke Uchiha is ninety-nine point nine percent sure that she's a girl and all he needs to do is confirm it. So Kanda gets a new little brother! T - English - Humor - Chapters: The socially awkward loner. The wolf trying to protect his pack. What happens when these two meet, and the latter is not quite what he seems? And what's this about the scientific theory of recombinant DNA?

Allen Yullen Dark Themes. M rated for a reason D. SasuNaru, OOC, size difference, two-shot, lemons. An AU where a certain Uchiha household gets a bit T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Chances Given by Freya's Doll reviews Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen has a secret he had been keeping for a time now and Naruto found it by accident. A tale of beginnings and chances given… fem! AU Naruto - Rated: T - English - Chapters: Naruto and Sasuke in a loving embrace. Taking prompt requests frequently! Now he just needs to adjust to it. SasuNaru, Mpreg Naruto - Rated: But fate has other plans for him. He was having trouble breathing, almost hyperventilating in fear.

Let alone acknowledge he was capable of making one. Yet, there was never a day he regretted more than the one when he destroyed Naruto's vocal cords. Using his new Jutsu, he unknowingly drags team 7 through the best and worst times in his life. Side pairings in development.

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Of Flats and Mansions by comehome reviews Naruto has nowhere to stay; Sasuke tries his best not to get involved. Fate's Spark by jasper53fox reviews Naruto's has been left damaged after failing everyone, he ends up back in time but is emotionless to nearly everything and everyone, Kakashi is concerned. Naruto his emotions are everywhere xD Naruto - Rated: Insane by The Picture of Dorian Gray reviews Sasuke is fading away, losing himself to darkness, Anyone wanna sext in kemi a certain blond comes along and saves his very existence. SasuNaru, ItaDei, and others. Like, really big crime lords. Naruto was Sasuke's best friend back in grade school, but now their relationship is strained and Of course, that doesn't mean they can't fall in love, even if one's a bastard and one's a fool.

There's probably a song about that too, come to think of it. Hiatus Naruto - Rated: One day they find two stray cats. Soon everything will be thrown upside down with these female kitties. Will they make their lives happier or harder? What happens after One Night Stands? That is until one night he meets Sasuke in a bar and had a one night stand. But what is he to do when the man he had a one night stand with wants more? A simple fireworks festival changes his world. Sasuke keeps getting super pissed at him, all the girls want to date him, he keeps getting ANBU offers, he gets weird dreams of things he can't remember and what's this rumour about him dating Itachi?

People from 1 to 99 have and use them. It learns everything about you and reports it back to a database. Oh see look CrunchyBlack1 was on this site today… Renee26 I wonder if people carrying the cell phones registered to users with ethnic names will be followed around more closely than Becky an nem… lol Smith Jane Oh, absolutely. The difference is, we could be in control of that progress, instead of at the whim of these billion dollar companies. People allowed these big businesses to take the largest tax cuts in history, thinking that that money would trickle down and create business. Lol CrunchyBlack1 just think if that chip can be sent a signal to stop your heart.

That an various other privacy violating things, depending on the advancements in the tech before its issued. Im good, but like I said once the dominating society accepts it, everybody gonna fall suit and the world is doomed…. They are in coding classes, learning different languages. I got 25 years left in the workforce. My groceries being delivered through a Shute in the kitchen when I retire might not be so bad. CrunchyBlack1 I know, I know!!

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