By: Bummi Beehive

Because our destiny is the same,

We do not have to struggle alone!

Because our enemies are the same,

Let your opponent with us!

Thus the need and importance of Association for laborers. Power boss with his fortune, which was able to rent a Country to secure his rule really too solidly for faced alone.

So far, we understand together that we as labour has always been in the position of the weak, oppressed and dimiskinkan. A series of problems continue to haunt all of us as workers. Cheap wages, outsourcing, system assurance and bad health conditions, layoffs, and other like has become one's destiny.

To deal with this situation, we are laborers can't fight alone. The thing that we need is a container of a revolutionary workers ' organizations. He is a Trade Union which we will use as a place for bersolidaritas and struggling to win a conflict which is not terdamaikan with the bourgeoisie, to win the class war so that labour came to power. We need a strong Union as a means of fighting we own facilitation so that we can corroborate, evoke a sense of confidence, knowledge sharing among fellow workers, and building and expanding the consciousness of the working class who was that in all sectors of employment.

Forming trade unions is a basic right guaranteed by the Constitution, by the laws and regulations. This is based on the General provisions, Act No. 21 of 2000 about Unions/labor unions (UUSP). The Union is an organization formed of, by and for workers, both in the company and outside the company, which is free, open, independent, democratic and accountable. Its function is to fight for, defend and protect the rights and interests of workers and to improve the well-being of workers and their families. In the same Act, a trade union/workers can be formed by a minimum of 10 employees in a company. In addition, in the formation of these unions, corporate, Government, or a political party is not allowed to intervene.

The Union is the workers. As set forth in Article 43 paragraph (1) UUSP, anyone obstructing the workers to form unions will be the shortest prison sentence is 1 (one) year and not more than 5 (five) years and/or a fine of at least Rp 100,000,000.00 (one hundred million rupiah) and Rp at most. 500,000,000.00 (five hundred million rupiah).

However, the trade union movement in Indonesia is still faced with a difficult situation. The legislation which governs about unions are still widely violated, and the law can still be bent his knee-for the benefit of investors. Been a lot of pemberangusan unions in companies because States are seen to inhibit the rate of capital accumulation capitalists so that different ways done to stop trade union activities, ranging from the sacking of Labour members unilaterally, intimidation, and abduction by thugs-thugs.

Financier hopes built upon the Foundation of the sheer profit. Therefore, the trade union movement must be muted in such a way and instructed the workers ' interests can support boss. Productivity must continue to be improved with reason so that laborers earn wages that are larger and more prosperous life. However, the fact is, after productivity increases, work discipline is applied, we, the workers, still dealing with the reality of the limited life and is not prosperous. We still do not see the existence of reciprocity which dealt in work system the financiers.

This fact is clearly an evil capitalist diamini by State as accomplice financiers. How many industries in Indonesia evolved into national-level industry forward to multinational? How many financiers-foreign financiers who came to invest? However, how are Indonesian laborers wage? How the quality of education and health in Indonesia? The answer is a lot of fire from the roast.

To the need for the trade unions, we need to build a Union that is able to exercise his functions as a solid struggle. container  The unions are not the arbiters of conflicts between investors and workers. The unions are not the keepers of the harmony between workers with employers. The position of the Union must be in the Labour Party, namely as a partner of the labour struggle. Because labor unions were built by workers and controlled directly by labour as a means of struggle, trade unions should not be business fields for the elite-the elite of Trustees States or intellectuals Slacker looking for a chance to live off the sweat of laborers.

In addition, the Union also has an important function, i.e. the function of education. There are some very interesting experience from Spain, namely the CNT (National Confederation of Labor), a Trade Union which was founded in 1910 in Spain that still survive to this day.

The tradition of Bakuninis or anarcho-syndicalists are powerful, they became popular and largest trade unions in the struggle against fascism General Franco in the 1930s. They are very vigorous organizing educational activities. Independently and participatory with all its members, they manage 36 newspapers and tabloids, and 36 other publications, including Obrer Solidaridad, a largest daily newspapers for workers in Spain at that time.  In addition to producing newspapers, they also manage a television station and a radio station of its own so that their media free from control of manipulative media capitalists.

CNT formed Hall Workers (Workers Center) as the Centre of education of the people, a people's library, which is used freely to give space to the community and workers outside the Trade Union to study, including children. Millions of people participate in it and CNT is also active in the printing of millions of books and pamphlets to build community awareness in Spain sharpen class struggle against capitalism and fascism of Franco. They also conduct studies concerning working conditions, file charges on health and job security issues, educating workers so that members can understand the technical management and production company. It is deliberately made to prepare workers for the takeovers places production later end, so as not to falter in managing and operating the company back under the control and management of independent workers without employers.

From the experience of the CNT, we can take a variety of positive things for our labour. Laborers have higher positions and more revolutionary. We must continue to educate ourselves more and believe in the power of our classes, the working class.  Trade unions must be the school wars, a place of political consciousness was forged and disseminated should continue until the revolutionary struggle to find direction, not from a political party guide instructed from above, and from those of the party who will prostitute himself in Parliament the bourgeoisie.

CNT also principled on the methods of direct action and firmly rejected the workers ' struggle in Parliament, because the battlefield is not labor in Parliament, but in places of production which is the heart of capitalism. Labour are on the battlefield the tables work the administration of capitalist, in outlets-outlets places financiers do promotions, in a whole series of international capitalist distribution lines. It was there, in all workplaces throughout the world, the workers had control over the whole production mechanisms, promotion and distibusi capitalists.

When solidarity workers already entwined with good, working class consciousness awakens, along with workers ' awareness over the chain of production and distribution of capitalist lines internationally, then capitalism will be up on the tip of its horns. History notes that international solidarity laborers through the States-States buruhnya is very vital. One example is the solidarity that ever took place between Indonesia and Australia in 1945, when States Sailors Australia (Seamen's Union Of Autralia-SAU) is actively leading the pengorganisiran action of solidarity to help the penjuangan the people of Indonesia to be free from colonialism from the Netherlands. At that time, active help SAU strikes 2,000 sailors Indonesia whose life squashed. As a result, wage Mariners Indonesia raised from ₤ 2 be ₤ 22/month and work hours shortened to 8 hours/day.

The most important is the international solidarity that laborers from 31 unions field of cruise ports and Australia actively boycotted loading anything, especially the tools of war that is the interest of colonialism in Indonesia Netherlands. At the same time, the docker or shipyard workers also boycotted all ships entering the Netherlands to do a pengedokan.

Solidarity does not stop there. In 1996, Australia's maritime Union (Maritime Union of Australia) in Darwin again organised a solidarity action workers cross country a very phenomenal. They organize port laborers to boycott cargo ship Indonesia. The action is a statement of the Trade Union solider Indonesia at the moment when Mochtar Pakpahan, Chairman of the SBSI (Union Sejahtera Indonesia), was arrested by the new order regime because the fight for legality and social organization over Government recognition under the law Keormasan. The action was also a protest against the new order regime keotoriteran in the events of July 27, 1996.

In 2001, the MUA back successfully fought for the repayment of $ 150,000 to 2 sailors working in the Indonesian ship unison which had displaced his fate. This is a form of solidarity another MUA.

History of the solidarity labor movement that is proving very solid and extensive international break through the territorial limits of the State. The labour movement has always been imbued by the spirit of the international proletariat, because no other: the working class the world had the same fate and enemies are the same, i.e. Capitalism!

Labour is heading for a ' Go-politics ' revolutionary!

"We are confident in the future, the whole class of the workers will be at the same position, and that they will be organizing the life of the professional, economic, social and culture of their own in accordance with the principle of independence, without being subject to the Deputy, pressure and kedikatoran any person, party or any other Government." – Nestor Makhno.

Laborers had a very influential role compared to the elites-political elite whose diplomatic maneuvers are rambling in the Parliament. Awareness of laborers will be the strength of his class should potentially against everything, outside the limits of the question of fundamental rights as workers. The labour movement must continue even harder until the Council not only on the problems of the employer, but more than that, the criticisms and attacks on the Government's political policy. Trade unions must be able to be a threat to government employers and employer-bourgeoisie, and bring the trade union movements in the revolutionary struggle to overthrow the bourgeois state power and put an end to capitalism.

The power of the labor movement is not for diafiliasikan in a political party. Understanding workers ' political ' go ' need to be redefined. The political consciousness that must be built into the labor movement was not intended to get into the political power of the Parliament of the bourgeoisie. Laborers should be able to build a more independent political move, in trade unions, as labor movement's strength accumulation, as a weapon along with the not found represented by elites, as an organization that is capable of fighting beyond the borders of the walls of the factory and the Parliament. Trade unions must be able to be an organization that consistently refine a class war, not to encourage the workers ' representatives to be bourgeois apparatus bertranformasi in Parliament. As Bakunin once said in the first fourth international in 1864:

"When the workers sent one of workers ' representatives to enter into the Legislative Assembly, Deputy workers and transplanted into the bourgeois environment, then he will stop being a worker and, then in fact become a statesman. They will be the bourgeoisie. "

Things that needed working people to win a revolution is to prepare the people's militia, a worker will continue to encourage the awareness and the class struggle by a general strike as the only fundamental power of working people and turn upside down capitalism, abolish the State, missed the ' dictatorship of the proletariat ' and the ' workers ' State, and directly build communism a more real and specific!

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